Friday, November 26, 2010

OSPE finished!

OSPE (Objective Structural Practical Exam) is an exam that tests clinical skills and counts 11% of the total clinical skills mark in the 5th term of SGU. In order to study for this, you have to learn all the clinical conditions with "pictures" for all the courses. Every question on the OSPE has pictures in it and most if not all have to do with diagnosis or treatment. There are also physical exam questions where REAL patients are the questions. You are asked to do a specific procedure on the patient while a proctor watches you. Then the proctor tells you what to bubble based on what you did.

I have to say, this exam was a lot easier than I initially thought it was. A lot of people over-exaggerated stating that because this exam is cumulative, it is a very difficult exam. However, looking over all the clinical conditions with pics actually doesn't take more than 4 hours and you can do it the night before the exam. Most of these clinical conditions you have been learning already given you are studying normally post-midterm. This means you only need to review the pre-midterm conditions which will come very quickly once you see the pictures.

Questions from OSPE include percussing the lower border of the liver, feeling the pulse of the dorsalis pedis, listening to the heart valves, and cranial nerves.

Overall, I think I did good.

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